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Advisor-Client Portal


Mirador’s Gateway is a next generation digital portal built to serve both advisors and their clients.

Built to enrich the advisor-client relationship.

Gateway allows advisors and clients to digitally collaborate and build lasting relationships. With a personalized dashboard and standard-setting features, Gateway extends the digital environment to create a seamless and secured client experience.

A front door to all of your wealth management needs.

Our solution is engineered with the advisor and client in mind. With an intuitive interface, Gateway delivers all the insights, news, tools and information you need to build and enrich client relationships, and delivers it in a way clients expect in this digital age.


Every aspect thoughtfully designed and purpose built.

Gateway’s open architecture, featuring a personalized dashboard and curated content, gives you control over the user experience.

Gateway provides better communication internally and externally, top-down, bottom-up and peer-to-peer. Communication features include; inbox, news feed, blog, social posts and featured communication.

Our solution brings all financial information, people, content and resources together. This is supported by client initiated actions and information accumulation as well as a document vault to organize and exchange files securely.

Gateway provides real-time communication and conferencing supported by an adviser team and client directory. This on-the-go access for colleagues and clients makes connecting and scheduling easier.

Connect with existing best-in-breed tools and apps through our open architecture model and achieve transparency into client action items.

With multi-factor authentication standard and using an enterprise grade cloud platform, Gateway will fulfill all your security, business continuity and global regulatory compliance requirements.

How can we help?

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