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Mirador’s expert team uses best-in-class technology to aggregate and organize your assets and reconcile the data, allowing you to focus on making smarter financial decisions.

We provide context to your full financial life.

As an integrated extension of your team, our wealth aggregation and custom-tailored financial reporting can identify opportunities and expose financial risks previously hidden, regardless of the type of investment, where they are held, or how they are valued. These processes shed light on all holdings; not just those overseen by a particular advisor, but your entire portfolio of assets and liabilities. This allows us to measure what is really important: the performance of your investments, cash flows, worth, while assessing the opportunities and risks inherent across your entire portfolio.

Why is wealth
aggregation and
portfolio creation
so crucial?

Why should I have
Mirador provide
this service?

Mirador experts
embedded in
your team.

An engagement with Mirador will earn you a data technologist, not “on-call” but embedded. Adept at managing data and capable of spotting inconsistencies, seeing opportunities, and identifying risks buried in financial data, they’ll free you and your staff to focus on managing your clients, not your data. In addition, we can operate as your virtual outsourced middle office or technology organization, to help you offer your customers an edge your competitors can’t.

We are built to do this work.

Unlike large multi-offering firms where reporting is an ancillary or a consulting service that configures your system and leaves, we’ll be with you every step of the way – making sure the data is right while continually refining your reports to yield new insights. We are equipped to answer any and all questions to identify and resolve inconsistencies.

Mirador offers best-of-breed financial reporting services for U/HNW investment portfolios. We create insightful, consolidated, real-time views of all assets and liabilities – what they are, who holds them, how ownership is divided, how they’re invested, and how they’re performing – strategically constructed to identify opportunities and expose financial risks.